After Endodontic Surgery

After your Endodontic surgery, it is recommended that you go directly home and relax. Try to sit up or lie with your head propped up to reduce the initial swelling.  Take over the counter pain medication or medication prescribed by Dr. Hazlewood before the anesthetic wears off and then as directed for pain. 

Apply an ice pack to your face in and around the area of surgery 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off, 10 minutes on, etc. for the next 6-8 hours. This will help minimize swelling and provide some pain relief. Some bleeding is expected, especially on the first day. There will probably be some swelling and/or bruising after the surgery for a short time. Numbness in or around the area of surgery may occur, this is usually a temporary condition. Avoid smoking, vigorous rinsing, or the use of straws on the day of the procedure. Starting the day after surgery, gently rinse your mouth with Peridex after every meal and at bedtime. This will help speed the healing process and avoid infection.

Keep your mouth as clean as possible with light tooth brushing. Avoid brushing the surgical area for about a week and rinse with Peridex 4-5 times per day instead . Do not stretch your lip or cheek to see the incision due to the risk of tearing the stitches out. Maintain a nutritious diet avoiding hard foods and those requiring heavy chewing.