After Endodontic Treatment

Once your endodontic treatment is completed, the root canals have been permanently sealed. Please contact your dentist promptly for an appointment to place a final restoration. This will protect the tooth against fracture and decay. Most back teeth with root canals usually require caps or crowns. Delay in obtaining a final filling or crown may result in fracture and possible loss of the tooth. 

You may eat and drink as soon as the numbness wears off. It is normally for the tooth to be tender for several days up to a few weeks because of the treatment. We recommend taking over the counter pain medication for a few days following treatment. If the pain is significant, please contact the office. Avoid chewing on that side of your mouth until tenderness is gone. Continue to favor the tooth until it is restored by your dentist. 

Your dentist will be informed of your endodontic treatment and a progress report will be sent to your dentist after each treatment to keep them informed. 

In the unlikely event that pain should become severe or swelling develops please call our office promptly.